Player Information


We Are Noble Warriors

It’s not enough to just “play” Ultimate at Hopkins.  We are Noble Warriors – train hard, compete hard and most importantly, conduct ourselves with the highest moral values. 

Player Expectations

  • Abide by the Spirit of the Game.
  • Be a positive role model and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect, courtesy and by demonstrating positive support, for all players, coaches, officials and spectators at every game or practice
  • Treat other players, coaches, officials and spectators with respect regardless of race, gender-identity, or ability.
  • Understand that the sport of ultimate is self-officiated and, as such . . .
  • Always assume that all players on the field have the best of intentions when making and discussing calls.
  • Do NOT involve yourself with calls or any discussion that takes place that does not involve You.
  • Do NOT make derogatory comments regarding any calls or decisions by the players involved in the play in question.
  • It's more important to discuss and learn form other players when an infraction is made than to be correct all the time.

Spirit of the Game is Olympism in action; the soul of true sport. Spirit challenges athletes to balance the qualities of body, will and mind by placing the onus of competing with integrity and respect on each and every athlete.” - Canadian Junior Player


Hopkins Captains have special responsibilities that go beyond the game itself. Captains must always display the best of what Hopkins Ultimate can be. They are required to show leadership abilities, uphold all Spirit of the Game rules put out by USA Ultimate and MN Ultimate, help coaches during practices and games, and effectively communicate with the rest of the team. Below is a pdf that explains the roles and responsibilities of Hopkins Ultimate Captains:

Player Driving Policy

  • No player is permitted to drive to/from any game or tournament located more than 45 miles from HHS. 
  • For games or tournaments located 45 or fewer miles from HHS
  • Licensed player drivers are permitted to transport themselves 
  • Only senior and junior player drivers will be allowed to drive other players.
  • Player drivers must have permission via the on-line registration form signed by a parent/guardian to transport other players
  • Cell phone use is prohibited by player driver unless the vehicle is parked. 
  • This includes voice calls, use of maps/directions, internet searches, and texting. 

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