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The registration link for Fall 2020 is now live. Please register yourself or your child before they attend the next practice. 

As a reminder, all kids MUST be registered before they will be allowed to practice with the team.


We have received information from MN Ultimate that all the fall games and tournaments have been canceled through at least the end of 2020. Per USA Ultimate and MN Ultimate, teams can hold in-house practices as long as they follow the Return To Play safety guidelines outlined on the USA Ultimate website.

HURT has decided to start practice the week of September 8th and will strictly adhere to the recommended guidelines. As such, we are going to open up registration for the Fall ONLY and we ask that you register as if it were a normal season. The reason we ask you to register is because we still will need to pay for insurance, fields and other league related expenses. We currently plan to have an additional registration for Winter/Spring, as noted below, at which time we will need to charge an additional registration fee.
The cost is based on a short season that does not include games/tournaments plus donations that came in this past Spring. We want to thank those of you that donated all or part of your fees this spring to HURT. We are making sure that all current players are able to benefit from those donation dollars.  
Anticipated Practice Schedule:

  Maetzold Civic Center Maetzold
  Sunday Tuesday Thursday
Boys V 8-10 pm 8:30-10 pm 8-10 pm
Girls V 6-8 pm 7:45-9:15 pm 6-8 pm
JV 8-10 pm   8-10 pm
MSL 6-8 pm    


  • Registration Costs:
    • Boys and Girls Varsity - $75
    • JV - $65
    • Middle School League (MSL) - $30 (5th - 8th grades)
  • Fall registrations are non-refundable for any reason. We expect to hold practices regularly but due to Covid-19 there is always the chance that one or many practices may need to be canceled. 
  • Fall registration is for Fall only! We will have a separate registration for the Spring league once we have more details on how that will play out. 
  • ALL players must register before they will be allowed to practice. Due to the special circumstances surrounding practices this Fall, we are not allowing kids to practice that are not registered.
  • We still encourage new players to try out the sport. However, they must register before they will be allowed to play. They will not be expected to pay the registration fee until after their 4th practice. 

We want everyone to understand that “return to play” doesn’t mean that conditions are “SAFE” or risk-free. Since there is no vaccine and very few therapeutic options there is and will always be a risk with playing Ultimate or any team sport. We don’t expect everyone to play and all practices are optional. We don’t want anyone to feel they must play in order to make a specific team once play can fully resume.  If a player was registered in spring, they will remain with that team (with the exception of 9th graders who will move up to the next level). New players will be evaluated based on age and prior experience then placed on a specific team.

HURT COVID-19 GUIDELINES (As it pertains to Ultimate):
The following are the main guidelines all teams will adhere to during fall practices:

  • All bags must be placed at least 6 feet apart. When players arrive, please find a clear spot to place your bag and don't move it from that spot. This will help players stay separated when not playing.
  • ALL players on the sidelines must wear a mask at all times (please wear them when getting out of the car before practice and walking to the car after practice). Players in the field-of-play will not be required to wear masks. 
  • Coaches will be expected to wear a mask as much as possible. 
  • Pods - each team will have a pod that is no larger than 25 players. Pods will not change once they are set.
  • Drills - players are expected to spread out as much as possible while in line for drills
  • Discs will be sanitized before and after each practice (the league will provide sanitizer and towels).


Why Play Ultimate?

Are you considering playing Ultimate this spring? Here are some reasons to sign up:

  • Build Endurance: Ultimate combines the athletic endurance of soccer with the passing skills of football.
  • Learn Sportsmanship: There are no referee's in Ultimate. Players learn to call their own penalties and work out any differences by communication on the field.
  • Low Contact Sport: Players are not allowed to pull, push, or tackle other players. The sport is more about finesse!
  • Anyone Can Play: All players encourage and help other players so even the first-time player will be comfortable on the field!
  • It's Just Fun! There is a reason why it's one of the fastest growing sports in the country.

Register Today or contact us for more information.
Kids can practice with HURT risk free to see if you enjoy it as much as our players do!

HURT 2020 FALL (Virtual) Presentation

Learn all about HURT Ultimate and our Fall schedule for all levels - boys and girls! Download the Fall 2020 registration presentation.

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Renew your USAU and MN Ultimate Registrations

HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS ONLY (Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity, JV) - Instructions for MSL coming soon


The process has been simplified this year as you’ll only need to register once for MNU Ultimate Spring League, this will cover your registration for Spring League AND your 2020 USAU membership. The cost is $35 ($5 discount) if you complete this before 12/31/19. Instructions:


  • Begin by registering for HURT before beginning the process below (if you haven't already registered).


  • Start Registration Process HERE and follow the onscreen prompts.
  • If you do not know your login or password, please use the forgot password link.  Do not create a new account, this will create issues if you end up with multiple accounts. 
  • Select “Register Yourself” or “Register a Family Member” depending on how you are signed in.
  • Select the team:  HURT – Varsity (Boys), HURT – JV (Boys), HURT – Varsity (Girls)
  • Purchase your new USAU membership for 2020.  If doing before 12/31/19, the price is discounted by $5 to $35 and the same for both types, so I recommend Supplementary.  If doing this after 12/31/19, the Standard is sufficient for most players. Supplementary is only required for those planning to play outside of MN this year or in the fall of 2020 (ex:  college, nation team tryouts, etc)
  • USAU Affiliate Membership: select “no Membership” if you are signing up a child.
  • You will need to sign the waiver online.  This is the trickiest part of the registration.
    • If you have multiple accounts linked together as a household, and signed in under the parent, then the waiver can be signed electronically online
    • If your accounts are not linked under a household, and you are signed-up under a child’s account who is under 18, there will be instructions that send the waiver to a parent.  Or click on “help” and log a support ticket and ask that they consolidate your multiple accounts under your household.
  • You do not need to print or sign anything offline, we already collected your medical authorization information from you through the HURT registration last fall
  • If you run into issue with your account, submit a ticket through “Admin>Help” at the top of the site.
  • There is no need to log in directly to the USAU site. If you have already renewed directly through USAU, you should be able to register for MN Ultimate Spring League without paying again.  Reach out if you need help.

All players must:

1.  Register and pay dues to HURT for 2019-2020 School Year 

Pay online during registration, or select option to pay offline and follow instructions in registration email receipt.

2.  Register and pay dues to MN Ultimate for each calendar year.  New Players must create a new account for 2019, returning players do nothing.  Everybody will renew membership in December.  
Click here to create a new USAU account  

New players - Sign Waiver online and send USAU number to Adam Kristal