HURT allows players to “try” ultimate by attending a total of four (4) practices in the fall or winter. No player may participate in any tournament or league game without being in good standing. Good standing means HURT team dues have been paid (with or without scholarships), forms have been completed and turned in and USAU membership fees have been paid, if applicable. This includes fall tournaments and winter practices/scrimmages. 


Every player participating in any HURT practice must have a completed medical form on file with HURT. No participation is allowed without a medical form. Coaches will be issued a notebook with complete listings and copies of these medical forms as well as emergency contacts for each player. These books MUST be wherever the team is. Practice or tournament. The book travels with the team and that responsibility rests with the Head Coach of that team. 


Players participating in the fall/winter must pay their HURT dues by the fall due date. Late fees may be assessed if HURT dues are not paid by the fall due date. Additional players registering to play in the Spring must pay their HURT dues by the Spring due date. Late fees may be assessed if HURT dues are not paid by the Spring due date. New players must pay their HURT dues after four (4) times “trying out” the sport if they want to continue playing.


The amount of HURT dues will be set each year before the season by the Board based upon HURT financial circumstances and projected budget. Annual HURT dues for participation are subject to registration dates set by the board each fall and spring. Discounts shall be given to families with more than one player. 


NEW in 2022 - Players will no longer be required to pay dues on both the HURT and MNU websites. Dues will be collected by HURT and a portion of them will be sent to MNU.

Players will still be required to pay dues for USAU. Updated information can be found on the USAU website.


Refunds are generally not granted once a player is registered and starts playing (in games or practices).

Extenuating circumstances may be brought to the attention of the Board for individual decision. If a players is dismissed from the team by the Board there shall be no refund whatsoever


Hopkins Ultimate makes a limited number and amount of scholarships available based upon financial need and funding availability. Any player needing scholarship funds for annual dues or tournament expenses is welcome to complete a Scholarship application and turn it into the Scholarship Committee. No more than a 90% scholarship will be awarded to any individual player for HURT dues. The maximum travel scholarship for any one player for a single tournament is $250. However, the amount of awards will be based on funds available and the number of requests made each year. Any player may request a scholarship.


All players are required to participate in all HURT fundraising activities. All parents are encouraged to participate as part of their volunteer hours as specified in the HURT Parent Expectation and Policies


Unless otherwise determined by the Board, the online sign up system must be utilized for every HURT event, tournament, scrimmage or game. This is critical for everyone involved in planning for HURT events. Every player and parent is responsible for knowing the specifics of each event as posted on the sign-up (deadlines, player limits, times, locations etc). All rides needed and drivers must be posted before the deadline on the online signup.


The Head Coaches, with input from the Officers, will make the final decision on the number of teams HURT has each year. The Head Coaches, with input from other coaches will assign all players to the team that will best promote their growth as a player.


For the safety of our players, our number one concern, the minimum number of players HURT will send to a Varsity, JV, Girls or Mixed tournament is sixteen. Under certain circumstances, with approval of Head Coaches and Officers, that number may be reduced for tournaments only.


Hopkins Ultimate will use the Chemical Use Policies of Hopkins School District and MSHSL as guidelines for HURT. The chemical and social media policy will be reviewed at the registration meetings and will be posted on the team website. It is the responsibility of players and parents to review this policy.

Note that it is not a violation for a student to be in possession of a controlled substance specifically prescribed for the student’s own use by his/her doctor.

The team policy is in effect during the period of our season; September through June.


HURT players shall not unlawfully: (1) use or possess a beverage containing alcohol unless part of his/her family observances of religious celebrations, or approved and supervised by his/her parents or legal guardians. (2) use or possess tobacco; or (3) use or consume, have in possession, buy, sell, or give away any other controlled substance, unless authorized by their physician.


The following uses of Social Media by HURT players in any social media posting or electronic communication that are considered unacceptable include, but are not limited to:

a. Obscene, abusive, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, disrespectful, or sexually explicit language;

b. Materials that use language or images that advocate violence or discrimination toward other people (hate literature) or that may constitute harassment or discrimination.

In determining the consequences of inappropriate use of social and electronic media, the levels of harm, surrounding circumstances, nature of the behavior, and intent of the individual(s) involved will be considered. These include, but are not limited to;

1. Past incidences or past or continuing patterns of behavior;

2. The relationship between the parties involved; and

3. The context in which the alleged incidents occurred.


After each confirmation of a violation, the student shall lose eligibility for two (2) consecutive weeks of participation in all Hopkins Ultimate Frisbee Team events AND the next tournament/game. Attendance at all team activities during the period of ineligibility is mandatory, even though participation is prohibited. Unless excused by a coach, these activities will not count towards the time of ineligibility if player is not in attendance. In a situation in which the next tournament is months away, the board has the authority to identify an equivalent event or combination of events that can substitute for the penalized tournament.

If the student is a team captain, he/she will lose captain-ship immediately. A meaningful letter of apology from the player must be presented to the Board and read to the team before the player is eligible to return to play.

Penalties will be communicated directly to the player by an Officer of the Board, with an email sent to the player’s parents/guardian and coaches.

Under extreme circumstances, violations of the chemical policy and/or Electronic Media policy may result in a player being dismissed from the team. This action requires the discussion and vote of a majority of the Officers.



Parents are expected to provide transportation to and from at least 2 games, or tournaments, during the course of the season.


No player is permitted to drive to/from any game or tournament located more than forty-five (45) miles from Hopkins Senior High School. (This rule is designed to shield players from dangers associated with driving long distances, including fatigue, distracted driving, and unfamiliarity with surroundings.) The online signup will indicate if players are or are not allowed to drive.



For games or tournaments located forty-five (45) or fewer miles from Hopkins Senior High School, licensed player drivers are permitted to transport themselves and other players up to the lawful limits of their driver’s license and vehicle, so long as player drivers have provided a permission via the on-line form signed by a parent/guardian.


Only senior and junior player drivers will be allowed to drive other players.


There may be rare occasions when the coaches or board decide player drivers cannot drive to a given game or tournament even though it is within the 45 mile limit due to safety concerns. This will be noted on the online sign-up for that event.


A fully operative seatbelt must be worn at all times by all drivers and passengers.


Cell phone use is prohibited by the player driver unless the vehicle is parked. This includes voice calls, use of maps/directions, internet searches, and texting. Parent drivers please limit cell phone use.


All reasonable efforts must be made to arrange carpooling, and to avoid solo drivers. All carpools leave from Lindbergh parking lot unless otherwise noted on the online signup or the currently used on-line signup.


All forms of distracted driving are prohibited.


Drivers must obey all applicable laws.


No player should ever get into a car if they feel unsafe with either a player or parent driving. If a player feels unsafe they must bring it to the attention of any Coach, Officer, Board Member or parent immediately. 



In addition to Hopkins Mission and Vision statement, these are the guidelines and expectations that we expect all parents/guardians to follow to ensure that our student athletes have a positive experience.

Support your student-athlete's efforts to success.

Work to promote a positive environment that is conducive to the development of your student-athlete.

Treat all coaching personnel, team captains, players, other HURT parents, and Ultimate organizers with courtesy and respect.

Encourage your student-athlete to attend all scheduled practices and athletic contests.

Promote and model mature and sportsmanlike behavior at all athletic contests, by encouraging and supporting Spirit of the Game and the "Noble Warrior" mentality. It is never appropriate for a HURT parent or spectator to yell at, heckle, taunt, mock, insult, or disrespect any player, coach, or tournament official, regardless of team affiliation.

Teach your child that hard work and honest effort are more important than winning.

Team assignment, playing time, ways to improve, etc. are a conversation between the player and their coach. Players are expected to advocate for themselves.

Follow all procedures for registration and on-line event signup as indicated on the HURT website


In order for our organization to be successful, parent volunteers are essential. Parents are expected to volunteer during the course of the season. Parents must volunteer twice for activities such as, but not limited to: 

  • Driver for blitz
  • Transportation to tournaments
  • Supervision of a fundraising event
  • Tournament Support
  • Being a “team-parent”
  • Chaperone out of town tournament
  • Serve as Officer or Board Member
  • Other opportunities as they arise

In addition, all parents are expected to volunteer for at least 2 shifts and/or committee responsibility for Hopkins Hustle.


To ensure parent participation, there will a $300 deposit per family. Volunteer Participation will be tracked via the online sign up. (DIBS system) At the end of the season, your check will either be returned to you or cashed.

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