About Us



Hopkins Ultimate strives to build highly competitive Ultimate players and teams who have the utmost respect for themselves, their coaches, their fellow competitors and the sport of Ultimate. 


Good lessons for Ultimate. Ultimate lessons for life. 

The Hopkins Ultimate program strives to teach its players, coaches, board members and parents the importance of sportsmanship and respect through emphasis on excellence in play, hard work and respect for the sport. Hopkins Ultimate also strives to advance the sport of Ultimate through recruiting new players to the sport and advancing the level of play, not only in our program, but across the state and country, as well. 



We Are Noble Warriors

It’s not enough to just “play” Ultimate at Hopkins. Hopkins Hurtems are Noble Warriors. A Noble Warrior is someone who trains hard and plays competitively, while holding themselves to the highest moral standards. Hurtems are not only expected to practice Ultimate to become a better player, but also to respect everyone, know the rules of the game and work to portray themselves, Hopkins Ultimate and the sport of Ultimate, as a whole, in a positive light. 

Spirit of the Game

Ultimate Frisbee is a self-officiated sport which requires the integrity and respect of all players involved in order to have competitive play without sacrificing the spirit of the game. USA Ultimate and the Hopkins Ultimate program rely heavily on the spirit of the game. This concept places the responsibility of fair play on the player. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect for competitors or adherence to the rules. 


Hopkins Ultimate relies on its players having honor on and off the field. Having honor on the field means taking pride in how you play and how the team does. Honor off the field means always representing yourself and the program in the best way possible.


Hopkins Ultimate is dedicated to creating better Ultimate players. Our coaches believe strongly in skill development as the basis for great play. Our coaches look to expand on the natural capabilities of each player in order to ensure the success of individuals and the team. Hopkins Ultimate also expects dedication from its players. In order for coaches to help the players develop their skills, players are expected to work hard at every practice and listen to what coaches and captains expect from them.


Hopkins Ultimate is a family above anything else. Every decision we make is with our brothers and sisters in mind. We want our teams to be a place where you can excel as a leader and an athlete, but also make lifelong friends. Hopkins Ultimate is a place where the success of the youngest is celebrated by the oldest. It is not uncommon at a tournament to see the older athletes come watch the younger ones play, and vice versa.


The true test of Hurt’s commitment to our team’s goals is accountability. Without accountability teamwork breaks down. Every player is held responsible for their own actions. They are expected to communicate with the captains and coaches if they will miss practice, and when they are at practice, players are expected to work hard to become better players. Players are held accountable by the rest of their team. This means players are expected to “show up” and be prepared, no matter the event -- a team meeting, fundraiser, practice, or game.


Hopkins Ultimate is built on the idea that student athletes can and should help determine the overall goals and success of the program. Learning to take on the “adult responsibilities” for certain aspects of the program (uniforms, fundraisers, team meetings, goal setting) helps players learn life-long skills that will serve them well beyond Ultimate. Individual players are also responsible for their success on the team. Players must be their own advocate, and talk to coaches and captains in order to get better and succeed on the team. Each player is responsible for their success in the program. 


Hopkins Ultimate expects and demands an adherence to moral and ethical principles; honesty, truthfulness and integrity. Doing what’s right -- even when no one is looking -- is more important than doing it when they are. The integrity of our players defines our program.

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