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Hopkins Ultimate follows the policies set forth by Minnesota Ultimate. You can see the full list on the MNU website. Below are several policies that affect Hopkins Ultimate Coaches:

Coaches at MNU do a variety of things, and the intensity of their involvement sometimes varies depending on which program it is. Top priorities include creating a season plan, attending practices/games and implementing said plan; at the MS level, teaching the fundamentals and basic skills of ultimate are crucial to the development of our players. At the HS level, more advanced strategy and drills are expected. Other responsibilities include team communications (with Team Parents/players), general gear distribution (jerseys, discs), and continuing communication with the league board throughout the season.

Do coaches need to go through any training or security processes?

Yes. Federal Law states that persons involved with youth sports (chaperones, coaches, event coordinators, etc) must be strictly qualified. This includes a standard background check screening for criminal history, and the completion SafeSport sexual abuse training. More information about these organizations can be found using the links below:

US Center for SafeSport

National Center for Safety Initiative (NCSI)

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